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Volume 8 - Issue 3

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1. An Experimental Study on Mode-Ii Fracture of Concrete Modified With Sintered Flyash Aggregates and Iron Oxide (Nano Material)
2. The Effect of Ion-Dipole Interaction in Sulfonated Alkyl Ester (SAE) and Nonionic Surfactants Mixture on hase Behavior and IFT in Waxy Oil-Brine System
3. Geophysical characteristics, natural hazards and resources of the Bulgarian Black Sea and coastal land according integrated information
4. Pid Speed control of Dc Motors
5. Waste management in large distribution chains Transformation of food waste
6. Effectiveness of Condition Monitoring on Screw Compressors
7. Transversality and Appropriation of English in an Academic Environmental Engineering Area an experience in the classroom
8. Selection of Groundwater Potential Zones Using Geophysical Exploration Studies in Muguru Addahalla Watershed, Mysuru and Chamarajanagar Distcricts, Karnataka, India


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