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Volume 5 Issue 1 October 2015

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Evaluation of the absorbed dose in the lungs due toXe133 and Tc99m (MAA)
Vásquez Arteaga Marcial, Murillo Caballero Frank, Castillo Diestra Carlos, Rojas Pereda Enrique, Rocha Jara Jorge, Sifuentes Díaz Yenny, Sánchez Sandoval Paulino, Márquez Pachas Fernando

ijei 7461-0501-0104 aned 08.7461/-510104

01-04 aned

Streamflow Analysis using GIS Techniquesand HEC-GeoHms
Islam Hamad Eljack, Abdel Rahim Elhag, Ranya Fadlalla Elsheikh

ijei 7461-0501-0513 aned 08.7461/-510513

05-13 aned

Enhanced Navigation System for AUV Using Mobile Application
Hatem Khater, Saleh Mesbah, Amira Anwar

ijei 7461-0501-1419 aned 08.7461/-511419

14-19 aned

Investigation on the Impact and Spread of Mesquite in Tokar_ Delta Using (GIS) Technique
Abdel Rahim Elhag, Ranya Fadlalla Abdalla Elsheikh, Salaheldin Fathelrhman Abdelradi

ijei 7461-0501-2025 aned 08.7461/-512025

20-25 aned

Extraction of Hydrological Streams for Roads Design Studies using Remote Sensing and GIS
Abdel Rahim Elhag, Abdalla Abdelgadir Sidahmed, Ranya Fadlalla Abdalla Elsheikh

ijei 7461-0501-2631 aned 08.7461/-512631

26-31 aned

Detailed Slope Stability Analysis Of Selected Slope Sites Situated Along Katas-Choa Saiden Shah Road
Danish Ali, Yasir Majeed, M. Shahzad, M. M. Iqbal, Sonia Liaqat, M. Asif Gill, M. Amir Ali

ijei 7461-0501-3243 aned 08.7461/-513243

32-43 aned








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