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Volume 5 Issue 2 November 2015

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A Study on Effective Utilization of Wastes from Construction Industry in Road Construction
Brajesh Mishra, Ravi Shanker Mishra

ijei 7461-0502-0106 aned 08.7461/-0520106

01-06 aned

A Case Study of Queuing System At ATM Machine
Abdullah Furquan, Abdul Wahid Nasir , Dr Amaresh Kumar

ijei 7461-0502-0714 aned 08.7461/-0520714

07-14 aned

Reactive Power Compensation Using Various Flexible AC Transmission System Devices
Shilpa S. Shrawane, Dr. Manoj B.Daigavane

ijei 7461-0502-1519 aned 08.7461/-0521519

15-19 aned

Optimization of Resource Allocation using FCFS Scheduling in Cloud Computing
Mr. E. Rajesh, Mr. J. Mahalakshmi

ijei 7461-0502-2026 aned 08.7461/-0522026

20-26 aned








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