Call for paper April 2016.

Volume 5 Issue 3 February 2016

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Path Optimization of Tube Sheet Welding Robot based on improved Genetic Algorithm
Yuan Tian, Xueliang Ping, Jiawei He, Yi Jiang, Fanghong Yao

ijei 7461-0503-0105 aned 08.7461/-0530105

01-05 aned

Improvement Of VLC Data Transmission System Using OWC System Under Influence Of FLI
M.Sundararajan, R.Kousalyadevi

ijei 7461-0503-0615 aned 08.7461/-0530615

06-15 aned

Practicability of High Temperature and High Strain Rate Superplastic Deep Drawing Process for AA3003 Alloy Cylindrical Cups
Chennakesava R Alavala

ijei 7461-0503-1623 aned 08.7461/-0531623

16-23 aned

Beneficial Use of Municipal Solid Waste Ash In Sub Base In Road Costruction
Mr. Sandesh R. Patil, Prof. Sharad S Bachhav, Prof. D.Y. Kshirsagar

ijei 7461-0503-2428 aned 08.7461/-0532428

24-28 aned

Computer Aided Hydraulic Process Design of Conventional Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant without and with Upgradation
Pranay Kumar, Devendra Dohare, Paresh Sanvaliya, M. Islamuddin Faraz

ijei 7461-0503-2932 aned 08.7461/-0532932

29-32 aned

Feasibility Studies on Use of Water Mist For Plume Infrared Suppression
Amit Tyagi, P M V Subbarao

ijei 7461-0503-3344 aned 08.7461/-0533344

33-44 aned

Study on Supply Chain Coordination via Option Contract
Azamat Rajapov, Jamshid Valiyev, Sanjar Rajapov

ijei 7461-0503-4556 aned 08.7461/-0534556

45-56 aned








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