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IJEI : Volume 1- Issue 1

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1. A Design Space Exploration of Binary-Tree-Decoder For Multi-Block- External-Memory-ontroller in Multi-μc Embedded Soc Design
Uday Arun, A. K. Sinha
2. Study of Fluoride Concentration in the River (Godavari) and Groundwater of Nanded City
Dr. Nazneen Sadat
3. Application of Geo-Grid Reinforcement Techniques for Improving Waste Dump Stability in Surface Coal Mines: Numerical Modeling and Physical Modeling
I L Muthreja, Dr R R Yerpude, Dr J L Jethwa
4. Optimization of process parameters in Eli-Twist yarn
P.Mageshkumar, Dr.T.Ramachandran
5. Study on Techniques for Providing Enhanced Security During Online Exams
Sri Anusha.N, Sai Soujanya.T
6. Source Code Reusability Metric for Enhanced Legacy Software
Shashank Dhananjaya, Yogesha T, Syeda Misba
7. Technological Innovations and Teaching English Language at School Level
Dr. RoobleVerma, Dr. Priyanka Verma, Manoj Verma
8. ZDDP- An Inevitable Lubricant Additive for Engine Oils
Intezar Mahdi, Rajnish Garg, Anupam Srivastav