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IJEI : Volume 1- Issue 3

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1. Clustering With Multi-Viewpoint Based Similarity Measure: An Overview
Mrs. Pallavi J. Chaudhari, Prof. Dipa D. Dharmadhikari
2. Bit Error Rate of Mobile Wimax (Phy) Under Different Communication Channels and Modulation Technique
T.Manochandar, R.Krithika
3. Framework for Role of Transportation in Estimated Resources Supplying In Construction Site
M.D.Nadar, Dr.D.N.Raut, Dr. S.K.Mahajan
4. A Synthesizable Design of AMBA-AXI Protocol for SoC Integration
M. Siva Prasad Reddy, B. Babu Rajesh, TVS Gowtham Prasad
5. A Dynamic Approach to Multicast Communications Using Decentralized Key Management
D.Chalapathirao, K.Rajendra Prasad , S.Venkata Rao
6. On Demand Routing Protocols for Mobile Adhoc Network
Soni Dalal, Mr Sukhvir Singh
7. Application of Synchronized Phasor Measurement in Real Time Wide-Area Monitoring
Ms Anupama S. Patil
8. Extended Modified Inverse Distance Method for Interpolation Rainfall
Nafise Seyyednezhad Golkhatmi, Seyed Hosein Sanaeinejad, Bijan Ghahraman, Hojat Rezaee Pazhand
9. Comparison Of Electron Transport Properties In Inn At High Electric Field For Zincblende And Wurtzite Crystal Structure
Hadi Arabshahi, Adeleh Zamiri and Hossain Tayarani