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IJEI : Volume 1- Issue 5

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1. A Virtual Access Point Based Fast Handoff Scheme of IEEE 802.11
Jyoti Sachan, Anant Kr. Jaiswal
2. Image Compression for Authentication & Integrity of Data Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform
Ms. Neha Patil, Prof. N. A. Dhawas
3. Fuzzy Self-Adaptive PID Controller Design for Electric Heating Furnace
Dr. K Babulu, D. Kranthi Kumar
4. Design of a Ploughing Vehicle Using Microcontroller
P.Dileep Kumar, P. Ajay Kumar Reddy, K. Bhaskar reddy, M.Chandra sekhar Reddy, E.Venkataramana
5. Adaptive PID Controller for Dc Motor Speed Control
A.Taifour Ali, Eisa Bashier M. Tayeb and Omar Busati alzain Mohd
6. Temporal Based Multimedia Data Management System in a Distributed Environment
Uthaya Kumar M, Seemakurty Utej, Vasanth K, B.Persis Urbana Ivy
7. A Novel Approach for Secured Symmetric Key Distribution in Dynamic Multicast Networks
J.Rajani, D.Rajani
8. Implementing Trust in Cloud Using Public Key Infrastructure
Heena Kharche, Prof.Deepak Singh Chouhan
9. Voltage Sag and Mitigation Using Algorithm for Dynamic Voltage Restorer by PQR Transformation Theory
Prof. Shivanagouda B. Patil, Dr. Shekhappa. G. Ankaliki
10. Development of Design Charts for the Deflection of a Loaded Circular Plate Resting on the Pasternak Foundation
S. Kumar Shukla, Ashish Gupta and Dilip Kumar
11. A Survey on Algorithms of Mining Frequent Subgraphs
Maryam Gholami, Afshin Salajegheh