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IJEI : Volume 1- Issue 6

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1. Analysis of Casting Defects and Identification of Remedial Measures – A Diagnostic Study
Dr D.N. Shivappa, Mr Rohit, Mr. Abhijit Bhattacharya
2. Corrosion Behavior of SS316L in Artificial Blood Plasma in Presence of D-Glucose
S. John Mary, S. Rajendran
3. A Survey on Medium Access Control in Wireless Sensor Networks
Rasmi Ranjan Patra and Prashant Kumar Patra
4. Properties of Concrete with Coconut Shells as Aggregate Replacement
Amarnath Yerramala, Ramachandrudu C
5. Constant Power Control of Dfig Wind Turbines With Supercapacitor Energy Storage
A.Ramana, D.Chinnakullay Reddy
6. Effects of Catalyst Amount, Reaction Temperature and Methanol/Oil Molar Ratio on Conversion Rate of Soybean Oil Assisted by Ultrasonic Mixing and Closed Microwave Irradiation
Chin-Chiuan Lin, Ming-Chien Hsiao
7. Optimum Power Dispatch Problems: An Overview
F. R. Pazheri, N. H. Malik, M. F. Othman and M. Babar
8. Stronger Violation of Local Realism for Three Qubit Systems with a New Bell-Type Inequality
Fatemeh Shirdel and Hossein Movahhedian
9. Comparative Study on Parallel Data Processing for Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing
K.C. Ravi Kumar, B.Viplava Reddy
10. Real-Time Accessments of Qos of Mobile Cellular Networks in Nigeria
V.E.Idigo, A.C.O.Azubogu, C.O.Ohaneme and K.A.Akpado