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IJEI : Volume 6 - Issue 10

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Effect of Speed Breaks on Vehicle Dynamics and Ride Comfort
Sabry Allam, Fathy Nader, M. Rabea

01-09 aned

Line Follower Robot for Industrial Manufacturing Process
Abhijit Pathak, Refat Khan Pathan, Amaz Uddin Tutul, Nishat Tahsin Tousi, Afsari Sultana Rubaba, Nahida Yeasmin Bithi

10-17 aned

An Intuitive Approach for Generating a Class of Fractal Images using L-System String
Ramakanta Bhoi, Supriya Lenka, Sarojananda Mishra

18-37 aned

Comparison of Water Quality Parameters for Ganga and Pandu River in Kanpur
Sunita Verma, Divya Tiwari, Ajay Verma

38-41 aned

Solution of the Problem of Excess of Setup in the Production Process of Plastic Packaging
Matheus Augusto Souza Sarraipo, Hellon Santos Silva, Lucas Contiéri Mota Nunes da Silva, Domingos Sávio Silva, André Ricardo Soares Amarante, Herlandí de Souza Andrade

42-46 aned

Face Recognition System Based on Infrared Image
Yong Tang

47-56 aned

The New Age Proposal of Archimedes' Rocket Launch
Aryan Irani, Prof. Aqsa Temrikar

57-61 aned

Effect of Lateral Loads Resisting Systems on Response of Buildings Subjected to Dynamic Loads
Arafa Elhelloty

62-76 aned

Evaluation and Effects of a Technical and Non-Technical Losses on 11kv and 33kv Feeders, a Case Study of Baga Road Substation, Maiduguri
Muhammad Alkali Abbo, Dr. Musa Umar Bukar, Abubakar Mustapha Kura

77-86 aned

Study and Improvement of Submersible Motor Protection
Kamal.A.Sanad, A.A.El-Samahy, Dina Mourad

87-95 aned