Volume 6 Issue 5 May 2017

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Arrangement of the Street Parking at the Pomalaa Market of Kolaka Regency
Siti Rasdiana Saad, M.Yamin Jinca, Muh. Asdar

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

01-05 aned

Remaining Life Analysis Of A Steam Boiler Tube
Okpala, Alexander N. and Adigio E.M.

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

06-10 aned

Upgrading Brownian motion theorems from classical stopping time towards set indexed stopping line
Arthur Yosef

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

11-19 aned

The Impact of Vegetation on the Arterial Road Median To the Convenience of the Road Users in Pangkep Regency South Sulawesi Province
Herawaty H, Shirly Wunas, Ria Wikantari

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

20-26 aned

The Inspection Road Policy of Irrigation Channel between Duampanua Sub-district and Batulappa Sub-district In Pinrang Regency South Sulawesi
Muhammad Adam Budiman, Baharuddin Hamzah, Jamaluddin Rahim

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

27-31 aned

Effect of Inter Layer on Penetration, Sliding and Sticking Characteristics in Rotary Friction Welding of Inconel 600 and SS 304 Dissimilar Materials
B.Abhijith, and A. Chennakesava Reddy

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

32-39 aned

Improving of SLM Method with the Simulated Coding
Amir Shabanpour, Mohammad Khoshhal

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

40-45 aned





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