Volume 6 Issue 9 September 2017

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Pest Mitigation with Laser Identification System
Nicholle Hatton, Dr. Daniel Flippo

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

01-09 aned

Evaluation of Urban Decisions in the Context of Urban Regime Theory: The Case of Konya Courthouse Project
Sinan Levend, Rahmi Erdem

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

16-34 aned

The Future Potentials For "Crochet" And The Enrichment Of Fashion Hand Knit Industry In Bangladesh
Siddika Haque

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

35-42 aned

Development of a Rechargeable Electric Fan
Ben Festus, Amodu F. R, Bassey E. N

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

43-46 aned

Modulation Driven Localization of Light in Radially Modulated Optical Lattices
Haitao Wang, Wei Jia, Chunhong Qiao, Biyi Wang, Chengyu Fan

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

47-54 aned

How to Refelect the Psychological Process of the Ehrenstein Illusory Contours Perception?
Tingting Kang, Guanghao Jin

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

55-62 aned





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