Volume 7 ~ Issue 1 ~ Version - 1 (January 2018)

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Tractor Traffic Influence on Soil Properties, Growth and Yield of Maize in Obubra, Nigeria
Odey, Simon Ogbeche

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01-10 aned

Comparison of The Gompertz And Verhulst Models In The Accumulation of Calcium in Common Bean Cultivar Jalo
Laís Mesquita Silva, Augusto Ramalho de Morais, Kelly Pereira de Lima, Leila Maria Ferreira, Messias José Bastos de Andrade, Neiva Maria Batista Vieira

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

11-14 aned

Reliability of the generic HPGe detector characterization using ISOCS™ Software for Absolute verification of fissile Material
M. Abdelati, K. M. El Kourghly

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

15-20 aned

Pest Mitigation with Laser Identification System
Nicholle Hatton, Dr. Daniel Flippo, Dr. Ajay Sharda

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

21-29 aned

Design an Educational Simulation Tool (MemrSim) Using JAVA for Introducing HP-Memristor Characteristics
Ola Gamal, Hassan Mostafa, Ahmed A Ayad, Mostafa Eltokhy

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

30-39 aned

Research on Fundus Image Registration And Fusion Method Based On Nsct And Adaptive Pcnn
Jun Wu, Shuya Song, Dongxia Zhang, Song Yang

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

40-50 aned

Hemorrhages Detection in Fundus Image Based on Human Visual Characteristics
Jun Wu, Dong-Xia Zhang, Song Yang, Shu-Ya Song

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

51-65 aned

Wind Effects Statistics of Diagrid High-rise Building
Mohammad Bhuiyan, Roberto Leon

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

66-70 aned

Nationalism in the Balkans: Greater Albania and the Kosovo Issue
Klajda Allajbeu

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

71-77 aned

A kriging asa surrogate modeling tool

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

78-85 aned





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