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IJEI : Volume 7 - Issue 10 (October 2018)

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  Effect of Brake Oil Pressure on the Performance of Conventional and Modified Disc Brake at Different Initial Operating Temperatures
  Ibrahim Ahmed, Khaled abdelwahed, Mostafa M. Makrahy

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01-16 aned

  Comparative analysis about the source identification (tsunami case in the Black Sea - 7th May, 2007)
  Orlin Dimitrov, Boyko Ranguelov

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17-23 aned

  Study on the Temperature Distribution of Core Plates during Injection Molding
  Pham Son Minh, Tran Minh The Uyen, Tran Anh Son, Huynh Duc Thuan

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24-29 aned

 Characteristics of Spirulina Platensis Cultivation with Comparison of Walne, Zarrouk, and Miquel Allen Methods
  Muyassaroh, RiniKartikaDewi, Dwi Ana Anggorowati

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30-34 aned

  Investigation of Pedestrian Safety - A Case Study
 Getu Tamiru, Palani Ponnurangam, Gemechu Yilikal Mose

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35-45 aned

  Effect of the sliding speed on the performance of conventional and modified disc brake at different initial operating temperatures
  Ibrahim Ahmed, Khaled Abdelwahed, Yasser Fatouh, Mostafa M. Makrahy

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