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IJEI : Volume 7 - Issue 7 (July 2018)

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Assessment of the Impact of automobile Waste on the Environment
Ogundapo Tayo, Tobinson. A. Briggs

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01-15 aned

Self-Oscillatory Interactioms Of Supersonic Streams With Cylinders, Placed In Open Channels
V. I. Pinchukov

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16-21 aned

A Study Supported By Numerical Modeling To Determine The Effect Of The Carbon Fibers Strengthening On The Strength Capacity Of Rigid Pavement
M. S. Eisa

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The Existence of Hindu-Islam Tenet Syncretism Traditional and Cultural Values in Spatial Layout of Baluwarti Settlement, Surakarta
Tri Hartanto, Tony Atyanto Dharoko, Yoyok Wahyu Subroto

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