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IJEI : Volume 8 - Issue 1 (January 2019)

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  Minimizing Defect of Air Craft Parts Machining Product Using Six Sigma Approach
  Annisa Aulia Sambas

01-10 aned

  A Survey on Detection of Seizure and Non-Seizure EEG Signal Using Machine Learning Technique
  Divya Gorde, Aashish Bardekar

11-14 aned

  Soil stabilization with Flyash and YamWaste Ash – Improvements in Engineering Characteristics
  Robert M. Brooks

15-20 aned

  Soil Stabilization with Flyash and SoybeanWaste Ash – Optimization
  Robert M. Brooks, Hamza Al-Ayaydah

21-26 aned

  Enhancing economically and eco-friendly jute production through appropriate conservation agricultural tillage cum seeding methods in the southwestern coastal region of Bangladesh
 M. A. Mottalib, M. A. Hossain, M. I. Hossain, M. N. Amin, C. K. Saha, M. M. Alam

27-46 aned

  Artificial Neural Network Method for Fault Detection on Transmission Line
  Okwudili O. E., Ezechukwu O. A., Onuegbu J. C.

47-56 aned

  Recyclable Solid Waste Materials Management in Erbil City- Iraq
  Shuokr Qarani Aziz, Srwa Othman Ismail, Imad Ali Omar

57-62 aned

  The impact of a double glassed flat plate solar water heater collector performance
  Hanan Mohammed Akbar, Suad Hassan Danook, Kamal Jalal

63-70 aned

  Detection of Adulteration in Milk Using Embedded
  Rupali Patil, Isha Patil, Vaishnavi Nagane, Prof. S. S. Joshi

71-75 aned

  Removal of Reactive Red 120 on Fe-Hydrotalcite: Isotherms Study
  Vanessa Jurado Dávila, Morgana Rosset, Oscar W. Perez-Lopez, Liliana Amaral Féris

76-82 aned

 Experimental Investigation on the Influence of Temperature on the Adsorption of Henna Extract on Kaolinite in Reducing Surfactant Adsorption
 Mohd Syazwan Mohd Musa, Wan Rosli Wan Sulaiman, Zaiton Abdul Majid, Zulkifli Abdul Majid, Ahmad Kamal Idris, Kourosh Rajaei

83-91 aned

 Mitigation of Harmonics and Power Quality Improvement for Grid-Connected Wind Energy System using Unified Power Flow Controller Based on Spontaneous Energy Optimization Algorithm
 Dr.R.Sankarganesh, P. Ashok Kumar

92-101 aned