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IJEI : Volume 8 - Issue 4 (April 2019)

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  Research on mixed Teaching Practice of Tennis Teaching in Rain Classroom
  Liu Gang

01-06 aned

  Effect of Coolant Temperature on Diesel Engine Performance and Emission Characteristics
  S. Anwar

07-17 aned

  Studying the Effect of Different Disc Designs of Floating Caliper Disc Brake on Braking Force
  Ibrahim Ahmed || Yasser Fatouh || Khaled Abdelwahed || Mahmoud Zaghloul

18-32 aned

  Review of the Atmospheric Channel in FSO Communication System
 Jeremiah Oluwatosin Bandele

33-42 aned

  A Matlab/Simulink Design of an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing System Model
 Jeremiah Oluwatosin Bandele

43-49 aned

  Servıce Qualıty And Customer Satısfactıon In Aırlıne Industry: A Comparıson Between Turkısh Founded Aırlınes
 Prof. Dr.Uğur Şener, Vanini Claude Megne Tchoupe

50-64 aned

  On The Simultaneous Equations x+y=2a2, 2x+y=5a2+b2, x+2y=c2
 A. Vijayasankar, Sharadha Kumar, M.A. Gopalan

65-68 aned