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Peer review is the major quality maintenance measure for any academic journal. In this process, experts in the relevant fields analyze the scholarly work from every perspective, including its writing, the accuracy of its technical content, its documentation, and its impact on and significance to the discipline. Reviewers play a pivotal role in scholarly publishing, and their valuable opinions certify the quality of the article under consideration. Peer review helps to ratify research, establishing a standard for evaluation within research communities.

Depending on reviewer commentary and recommendations, manuscripts may be sent back to authors for revision. After the assistant editor receives the revised manuscript, it is assigned to thereviewer(s) once again, for approval of changes. But the final decision to publish is madeby the Editor-in-Chief. THE IJES will grant a double-blinded peer-review process upon an author's request, and this requires the prior approval of the Editor-in-Chief.

Airticle Review

Successfully submitted manuscript is rapidly assigned to an Editor from the Journal Editorial Board based on the topic of the manuscript. The below cycle will then follow:

  The Editor in charge of the manuscript decides upon the relevance of the manuscript to go through the normal review process as it is appropriate to the Journal Aims and Scope.

  Successfully screened manuscripts are sent to 2-3 qualified experts for a full blind, high-quality and fair refereeing process.

  The reviewers are encouraged to provide informative comments on the manuscript to the Editor.

  Based on reviewers' comments, the Editor recommends whether a manuscript will be published without changes, accepted subject to changes (minor/major) or rejected.

  The Editor's decision on the manuscript is rapidly communicated to the authors.

  Accepted manuscripts that are subject to minor or major changes are expected to be accordingly revised and resubmitted by the authors in a timely manner.

  Authors are encouraged to return the proofs within 3 calendar days of submittal to expedite manuscript publication in the approaching Journal Issue.

  When the final version of the manuscript is accepted for publication, a formal acceptance letter will be issued and sent to the author(s). Authors are requested not to propose further changes to the final accepted version of the manuscript.

  Once the manuscript is published, International Journal of Engineering Inventions (IJEI) shall not be held responsible for errors which are the result of authors' oversights.


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